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Rationalizing Super Villainy- The problem of Individual Pragmatism

Greetings fellow superheroes!

After fighting crime and standing in the moral good for some time, you may get to thinking that this superhero thing is great, but there are some real drawbacks.  You never have the money to buy nice things, you’re always tired, and just once you’d like to be able to buy your spouse or significant other a nice dress or a night out.

You took me to the moon last month.....

None of these motivations are evil in and of themselves.  Heck, most of them are considered downright noble.  So maybe, you think to yourself, maybe I’ll do just a little supervillainy.  You know, on the side. Continue reading


Vigilante Scenario #4: The State has Enacted Good Laws and Enforces Them

Greetings heroes!

So far all of our scenarios have involved situations in which, for one reason or another, the state fails to enforce the laws it is expected to enforce or the political will to pass the laws which require enforcing.  But for most of us living in America, we don’t have that problem.  For the most part, we have good laws on the books, and for the most part, those laws are enforced with justice and compassion.

And, occasionally, weapons from Star Trek

So what should you and I, superhero, do when we encounter vice and villainy in such a scenario? Continue reading