Business ethics, Part 2-Counseling ethics

Greetings again, heroes!

After reading the last post, some of you are thinking, well, I know how to be amazing in my work and avoid those conflicts of interest: I’ll just be a counselor!  Or a teacher!  Or something equally awesome!

Google search for "Awesome", I love you.


But while its popular to think that taking up a career in which one sacrifices the allure of large paychecks for arguably noble goals is automatically heroic, we only value those positions in society because they don’t take advantage of their noble post.  Teachers and counselors also need to avoid conflicts of interest.For example, take this guy:

Professor X has a noble goal: to teach mutants to use their powers in a way that benefits all.  Which is well and good and laudable.  The world needs teachers who teach students.

But Professor X is more than a teacher.  He’s also a counselor.

and a ripped one at that

And that’s where things get awkward.  Remember high school?  Did you have any teachers who were also your counselors?  No you did not, and for good reason.  A teacher’s job is to teach and assess.  A counselors job is to treat and advise and potentially deal with personal issues.  Possibly, a counselor may need to invoke their power to remove a student from a class, which is a power strictly removed from teachers due to the potential for abuse.  But if Professor X doesn’t grade, well, this is still somewhat ok.

Except that Professor X is the X-Men’s boss as well.

Wait, will this be on the final?

And here is where the conflict of interest facepalms itself.

Ironic, huh?

See, there’s a reason your boss is not your counselor: because your counselor can abuse your trust to do what they want, while potentially ignoring serious issues so you can pursue their goals.  This is why when an Ohio counselor had her patients performing yard work, the state stripped her of her license to practice.

What you really need for that school is a guy who can be a good headmaster, but also someone who would never in their right mind be a counselor.


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