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Business Ethics #4 Keeping up with business

Greetings heroes!

As we mentioned in the last post, there are three ethical options for superheroes trying to succeed in business.  The first is attempting to keep up as best as possible, obeying the rules and conventions.  Unfortunately, there aren’t many superheroes who own their own business (Iron Man and Batman being notable exceptions), and those that do don’t seem to face this problem all that often.

This site also accuses them of being the same plot line. They have a bit of a point...

Before providing illustrations, a little background first:

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Coming soon: Batman in real life

Hi everyone,

I’ve been researching business ethics for the last few weeks to write my next three posts, and am still waiting on a book to come in from an out of town library.

Since you guys have been so patient, MSN has reported that the police in Brazil have hired a man to dress up as Batman and patrol the streets of Taubate.  I am so not joking.

What’s even better to me is that the guy they hired is an ex-army soldier who is a local Batman impersonator.  And just to give you an idea of how Batman is perceived in Brazil:

And just so you don’t assume Batman is the only comic superhero incarnated, a small Washington town has Deadpool.

Good luck, heroes.