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Business Ethics #4 Keeping up with business

Greetings heroes!

As we mentioned in the last post, there are three ethical options for superheroes trying to succeed in business.  The first is attempting to keep up as best as possible, obeying the rules and conventions.  Unfortunately, there aren’t many superheroes who own their own business (Iron Man and Batman being notable exceptions), and those that do don’t seem to face this problem all that often.

This site also accuses them of being the same plot line. They have a bit of a point...

Before providing illustrations, a little background first:

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Joining a Team- Putting your Connections to Heroic Use

Greetings Superheroes!

As we discussed in the last post, just being a part of a team increases your social capital, thus making you more likely to give to charity, trust another person, and act in an altruistic manner.  Thus, even a somewhat lame superhero can contribute as a member of the right team, even if they don’t do much.

Anyone need to talk to a fish? Anyone?

 But if just being a part of a team is heroic, just imagine how effective your actions can be!  Through our example of Wolverine, Continue reading

Joining a team- Wolverine: Loner AND Team Builder

Greetings, heroes!

Today I want to talk about the benefits of just being a part of a team, even for the most rebellious among us.


I’m pretty sure we all know Wolverine.  Short, muscular, and with thick facial hair the envy of young men everywhere, Wolverine has all the necessary components of a true badass.  He has an unbreakable skeleton, regenerative healing power, and two foot long retractable blades which can emerge from his fists at will.

He's even cool as a bobblehead!

Wolverine is the definition of the rebellious anti-hero.  He’s tough, a loner, is often seen with a half-finished cigar, and is known for pithy lines like, “I go…where I wanna go” Continue reading

Joining a team

If you’re a superhero, its not a stretch to say that you either belong to a team or will join one shortly.  Few heroes go through their careers without becoming part of a team at some point, and plenty of heroes belong to more than one team.  Moreover, some superhero teams are constantly taking on new members, meaning that, at the time of this writing, a team like the Avengers has over 100 members, past and present.

Over the last 30 years, the Avengers change team members as often as they change their underwear