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Business ethics, Part 2-Counseling ethics

Greetings again, heroes!

After reading the last post, some of you are thinking, well, I know how to be amazing in my work and avoid those conflicts of interest: I’ll just be a counselor!  Or a teacher!  Or something equally awesome!

Google search for "Awesome", I love you.


But while its popular to think that taking up a career in which one sacrifices the allure of large paychecks for arguably noble goals is automatically heroic, we only value those positions in society because they don’t take advantage of their noble post.  Teachers and counselors also need to avoid conflicts of interest. Continue reading


Heroic Careers-Business Ethics: the Conflict of Interest

Greetings superheroes.

So we’ve established that you shouldn’t be supervillains.  Now that we’ve done that, a problem presents itself: how exactly do you make a living without being evil?  After all, since you have to eat somehow, and you can’t be evil, well, how do you do both?

Recalling that ethics addresses right and wrong, good and evil, it makes sense that these rules would extend to business as well.  After all, we all know that there are plenty of ways to do evil business, and the last few years have shown that evil business practices affect everyone, even those only tangentially related to the marketplace.  Evil should have no place in business.

And yet....

Business ethics covers a broad range of situations and topics, Continue reading