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Vigilante Scenario #3- The State Has Enacted Evil Laws

Welcome back, fellow heroes!

As opposed to the previous categories, this category is less a hero acting in support of some aspect the state fails to cover and acts in opposition to the state itself.  There is an ethical case to be made for opposing the state itself, but it must be done in such a way that retains the heroes ethical superiority without falling into mere extreme partisanship.  To put it bluntly, it doesn’t make sense for members of the Tea Party to become vigilantes.

Not what I meant at all.....

In Alan Moore’s noteworthy comic V for Vendetta, Moore places his readers in a totalitarian England; a merciless dictatorship in which the secret police exercise brute power and the government controls all media as well as the means of production. Continue reading


Vigilante Scenario #2- The State has failed to enact certain good laws.

Greetings fellow super-chums!


I apologize for the long delay between posts.  There have been a number of situations recently in which it has been more heroic to do other things than write this blog.

Like meeting Stan Lee. Sorry, I couldn't resist.....

Now that those challenges have subsided, I hope to commit to writing a little more often.  But as superheroes, we all know that if trouble arises, we have to drop whatever we’re doing and respond to the call.  I know you guys understand.

Of course, sometimes you can't procrastinate too long


Anyways, we were discussing situations in which it’s ethically acceptable to be a vigilante.  Last post, we discussed situations in which the state has good laws, but fails to Continue reading

You Pick the Subject!

Greetings, heroes!

Hopefully by now there are plenty of topics to pique your interest and motivate you to ever more heroic deeds.  And believe me, we have plenty more where that came from.  Our top heroes are working around the clock to come up with the best superhero’s guide this world has ever seen!

We couldn't make him leave even if we wanted to....


We have plenty of great superhero posts coming up for your edification and entertainment, including:

-Why Batman could never kill the Joker

-Heroic definitions of justice

-Social ethics, or how to punch poverty in the face

-Superhero Religious ethics, or Holy Flying Capes!

-Heroic Prank Phone Calls:

Hello Commissioner Gordon. Is your toilet running?


And more!

However, we want your input, too.  After all, plenty of you heroes out there face challenges everyday.  We want to know what you’re dealing with and share our years of wisdom and heroic escapades.  What superhero subjects to you want to read about?  How can we help you be more heroic in your everyday lives?  Write in, true believers, and we’ll do our best to answer your questions!